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I am SO glad you're here, friend!  I learned early on in my photography career that investing in myself was the best thing I could do.  Knowing how to communicate my story and market my business.  Knowing how to use my camera.  Knowing how to use natural lighting and off camera lighting so I can be confident in any situation.  I have had 8 years of experience in my wedding photography business, and having studied education, I am also passionate about teaching!  No matter where you are, I want to help you!  I would love to mentor you as a business owner and teach you how to rock your camera settings and lighting!!  It will make all the difference in the world to YOU and your confidence as a professional, and to your clients as you create a beautiful product for them and be someone they can TRUST.  I can't wait to work with you!  


Mentoring & Education




We have to grow our business on a firm foundation - but most of us don't know what that foundation even is!  If WE don't know what it is, how will our clients??  I want to help you delve into your story - and communicate it beautifully to the world.  Then, your ideal clients will know how to find you, and connect with you!  This isn't just a small's EVERYTHING.  Sometimes, before we market to the world, we have to take the time to get to know ourselves first.  Kerri Lynne would love to help you do that and love to help you on the road to starting and branding your small business!



Knowing the technical settings of your camera, and knowing how to use and manipulate available light, and create artificial light in tough situations - it's so much more than just scientific stuff.  It's fun - it's where your passion lies as an artist and how you express yourself!  And, once you KNOW what you want to create and achieve, you will have the confidence in yourself to consistently create a beautiful product and experience for your clients.  And they will trust you and rave about you!  Kerri Lynne would love to help you grow as a photographer and feel great about what you can do for others!


WHY do you photograph?

We all love photography, but WHY do you love it?  What makes you tic, light up, get excited about your work?  What piece of your story does being a photographer just "fit" with?  What will your clients connect to about you?  Sometimes, we don't just need pretty images.  We need to know how to communicate who we are.  But first, we need to better understand our own story.  Kerri Lynne would love to talk to you to help you discover your "why" and help you market yourself to directly connect to your ideal client!  


About Kerri Lynne

Kerri Lynne is a successful wedding photographer from the Hudson Valley, and now located in Central New York with her husband.  She is passionate about chasing light, seeing love, and living adventure.  Kerri started her business, Kerri Lynne Photography, in 2010, and since then has photographed hundreds of weddings and events.  She is not only a photographer but an educator, with a minor in education.  Kerri is passionate about learning, and herself has been taught by industry leaders Katelyn James and Justin and Mary Marantz.  She is excited to teach what she knows about creating beautiful light to help YOU make better photographs and WOW your clients' experience!


Chasing Light 

As a photographer, I've been chasing light for years - I started by chasing sunsets and now I bring my couples with me on that adventure.  But I've taken it one step further, too, and learned that it's also CREATING light.  We are both the light chasers and the light creators.  There is so much more to experience with light in your photographs!

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Creating Light

Sometimes, the available light we have is not enough. And we need to know how to create the same type of light that we see indoors, outdoors!  Kerri Lynne would love to help to you learn how to shape, modify and craft your light and be confident in yourself as an artist!  In her off-camera flash course, she can help you do just that!  Off-camera flash has changed the course of Kerri's business and how she sees herself as a professional - and it will for you too!


Ready to Grow Your Business?

Learning to tell your story, and chase and create light, is not just a game changer for YOU - it's a game changer for your clients.  It's time to not settle for less but stretch yourself to grow and become the artist you were made to be!

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