Telling Your Story…Because It Matters!


There is a reason that you do what you do, and that you keep doing it. There is something that separates YOU from anyone else doing the same thing you are. You have talents, a passion, a personality, that are all rooted in your story. When you tell your story, you enable people to connect to you - the real you, the core of you - the pieces of you that connect to the pieces of them. People trust in people who tell their stories, and it’s that simple.

There’s a reason I call this “storytelling” and not “marketing.” People know when they’re being marketed at. But people are drawn in to stories - even if the purpose of those stories is connected to propelling your business forward.

If you want to touch the heartstrings of others around you, then telling your story is the best and most beautiful thing you can do.

It’s been a game changer for my photography business, and I know it will be for yours too.


Before we take any photographs, the process will start with coffee (isn’t THAT the best?).

I’ll sit down with you and ask you a lot of questions, questions which I would have sent to you in advance. I will ask you about your story, your personality, all questions that get to the core of what makes you different than other people, and what pieces are you will be relatable to others?

Then I will draw up a “business communication plan” for you. This plan will take the abstract stories and ideas and turn them into a real strategy that you can use on social media and your website, as you show up to consistently build trust with your potential clients and audience.

And then, we will take photographs. We will take portraits, but portraits of you with what you love (what could be better?) and I will take detail photographs of that thing you love, or details that relate to your story. You will then have a whole gallery of photographs that you can use online as you tell your story to others.

Have you been saying any of these recently?

“I wish I could be more authentic online”

“I need more photographs of myself”

“I wish I knew how to communicate to attract my ideal client.”

…If so, my friend, THIS is the place to start. By telling your story. I would be so honored to help you in the process.