Kerri’s extensive knowledge, positive attitude and fun spirit make her one of the best teacher/mentors out there! I have learned so much from Kerri, she lays it all out for you and does a great job explaining so it is easily comprehended. I’ve asked her SO many questions and she happily answers them all in full detail. Kerri is one of the best in the business. I recommend her classes to everyone, beginner or advanced!
— Rachel Gullotta

“I recently had the opportunity to attend Kerri’s in-person Lighting & Posing Workshop and am so glad I did! Not only was the course material well thought out, but Kerri also took care of little details, such as providing props and live models for us to work with! While I have taken a number of online photography classes over the years, it was so wonderful to be able to ask questions and practice concepts as I was learning! Kerri did a great job of explaining each concept and each photographer had ample time to photograph and ask questions! After participating in this workshop I feel more confident in my ability to “see the light” and pose clients comfortably! These skills are something I will continue to use at my next sessions and weddings! If you are considering investing in a mentoring session or photography workshop, I highly recommend reaching out to Kerri!”
— Samantha Ludlow

I am very fortunate to have Kerri as my mentor. She helped me branch out from photography as a hobby, to photography as a business. Her private lessons are tailored to your needs and she has incredible instructional packets to support the training. She inspires you to find and nurture your own style of photography, cheering you on with her gregarious personality and high energy! I would highly recommend Kerri as a photographer and photographer instructor.
— Maureen Tricase

A few months before meeting Kerri, I had started a beauty blog and was struggling with taking photos; even with hours of editing my pictures never looked right. After seeing the incredible photos Kerri took of my sister’s wedding I knew I had to ask for some tips and she kindly offered me a photography lesson! In just a couple hours Kerri completely changed how I took photos. She helped me truly understand the mechanics of my camera and how to use it’s many settings to my advantage to get the perfect shot every time. I now feel comfortable shooting on Manual mode (while before I only took photos on the Automatic settings) and I’ve learned to properly set up my shot, so I barely have to edit my photos at all! As a teacher, Kerri is so encouraging and full of information; in addition to teaching me about my camera she helped me understand how to use light, how to shot from different angles and how different lenses can change a photo. She explains everything so clearly and even had a whole booklet put together for me to take home after our lesson (which I still use as a reference!). I’ve seen such an improvement in my photographs and taking my blog photos has become a thousand times easier thanks to all the knowledge Kerri shared with me. If I could take a lesson with her every week I would! I truly cannot recommend her enough!
— Brittany McLaren

Kerri Lynne was an incredible teacher. We started from the very basics of setting up my camera and by the end of two hours, I had learned so much and was extremely excited to start practicing everything that we had worked on. I loved how supportive she was during the learning process but she let me experiment on my own and was there when I had questions! I will look back on her workbook often and am so glad that I invested in a lesson!
— Kristen Beilein

I had contacted Kerri Lynne to see if she’d be willing to do a one on one mentoring session with me regarding my wedding photography work. She responding so quickly to my email saying that she’d love to do a session with me and then spent what I can only assume is hours of prep leading up to our meeting. At our meeting, she had two copies of extensive, helpful notes, that we worked through. She was so encouraging in the way that she made her suggestions and the areas in which I need to grow were right on. She showed me different examples to illustrate her points and offered good, practical steps to take to help me start making changes. I so appreciated her time, encouragement and expertise and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their photography to the next level!
— Hannah Hawkins