Hello!  I'm Kerri Lynne.



I have had a camera in my hands ever since I was a teenager standing in front of the Grand Canyon with my first 35 mm film camera.  In high school and college, I studied fine art darkroom photography.  Back then, I thought my path was to become an elementary school teacher with a camera in my hand for weekends, holidays, and family vacations.  Little did I know that what I loved fiercely would chase me - that photography, my passion, would become my career.  I am blessed to have started Kerri Lynne Photography in 2010, and have photographed hundreds of weddings, events, and portrait sessions.  Because I started photography with a love of landscape, and would often "chase light" at sunset, it was only a natural fit that my couples would become a part of this passion of mine.  Their love looks even more beautiful when illuminated by magical light.  And scenery with magical light becomes even more beautiful with people to inhabit that space.  And it's that blend of love, light, and adventure that my eye strives to keep seeing and creating.



I thought when I graduated college that I would either become an art professor at a university, or I would go fully into a creative career and never turn back.  What I've discovered is that I can do both.  It is such a natural fit for me to teach, with my minor in education, and my own love of learning.  

In 2013, I taught the Summer Program in the Arts at SUNY Purchase, teaching 8-13 year olds how to use a camera, but also create photo series' around different themes.  I also taught the summer community program for photography in Peekskill for lower income elementary aged students, sponsored by Hudson River Health Care.

And in 2016, I launched the education portion of my own business, Kerri Lynne Photography, by teaching one-on-one instructional courses to help clients learn to use DSLR cameras on automatic settings.  I tailored that instruction to fit their needs and the subjects they most loved photographing!



After I started my own wedding photography business, I learned from the best industry leaders out there!  I have done mentoring sessions with Katelyn James, as well as lighting, posing and Walk through a Wedding workshops with Justin & Mary.  These industry leaders have been beacons of light to me for years, and I am so happy to share what they have taught me, as well as what I've taught myself, with others.



I am a foodie (an Italian at heart!) and love cooking and eating out at unique restaurants.  And I also love ice cream!

I love fall, warm colors, and pumpkin flavored anything.

I love chasing sunsets in my car - and racing just to catch that glimmer of light at the end.

My desktop is always a mess - too many icons, I always have something going on!

I love Jesus, He is my light and my purpose in everything.  I wouldn't chase light the way that I do if that light didn't lead me right into Him.

I am married to my best friend, Derek Cole, and we are adventurers together!  We love paddling trips to the Adirondacks, as well as climbing high peaks and capturing the sunrise.  And living every day together...that's the sweetest adventure of all.