Because YOU are worthy of an investment!


Why Invest?  

Because your product and your confidence matters

Your clients are trusting you to bring out the BEST in them.  The more confident you are with your technical settings and lighting, the better you can give them an enjoyable experience.  


Intro To Photography

2 Hours in Person (Syracuse area)

1 Hour reviewing camera setting:

  • The Elements of Exposure

  • Camera Modes

  • Tips for Landscape, Portrait & Detail Photographs

1 Hour practice photographing a focused subject matter


lightingposingworkshopbts-27 2 copy.jpg

Chasing Light & Posing

2-3 Hours in Person (Syracuse area)

  • Review of Window Lighting

  • Application to External Flash and/or Off-Camera Flash

  • Optional Posing Lesson with models

This course can be tailored to meet your lighting & posing needs!

$250 (2 hours Outdoor Lighting & Posing)

$350 (2 hours indoor flash & Off camera flash)