Night Lighting Workshop

FRIDAY, April 19, 2019

7:30-10:00 PM

RedBarn20, CAzenovia, NY



When the light goes down, the sky is dark, and you have to BRING the light in order to create that beautiful light that you experience beautifully in the morning. It’s the hardest time for photographers, because there are many ways to create light.

When you learn lighting, it changes your business, and you are more confident as a photographer. And it changes your client’s experience. They trust you more in situations that are difficult, and they are WOWED when they see you can create magic for them!! Because everyone loves a little magic, right?!

If you’re a photographer needing a little more magic in your repertoire before wedding season, and a little more confidence in yourself, this workshop is your you.

In this workshop, we will cover:

* Indoor Lighting of Tablescapes & Models using Off-Camera Flash

* Outdoor Lighting of Models using Off-Camera Flash and Multiple Lighting Techniques

* Sparkler Exits with Models: Using Lighting and Motion Together

And you’ll learn to create images like THESE!



  • Live, Hands-on Instruction with Kerri Lynne & Real Couple Models

  • Styled Tablescape, Models & Bouquet at a Real Wedding Venue

  • Instruction Booklet by Kerri Lynne to take home


  • 7:30 PM Introduction

  • 7:45 PM Indoor Lighting of Tablescapes with Models

  • 8:30 PM Outdoor Lighting of Real Couple Models using Off-Camera Flash

& Multiple Lighting Tecnhiques

  • 8:51 PM Sunset

  • 10:00 PM Workshop End

RedBarn20 Styled Shoot-Behind the Scenes-0018.jpg

Your Experience Matters

The internet is so helpful to learn many things in photography, but in my own business and career, nothing has helped me learn lighting like hands on instruction. It’s invaluable to be able to practice lighting:

* With an instructor present to help you troubleshoot

* With real models (so your images reflect their potential)

* With other students (because community learning helps us all!)

* Not during the stress and fast pace of a wedding day!

I hope that you will love not only learning in community, but being able to have some gorgeous images to show for what you learned!


Your Investment

Investing in yourself is the #1 best thing you can do for your business. Lighting is a practical skill that makes all the difference in the product you’re selling and in the client that you want to attract! Learning lighting is something that has a return much HIGHER than your investment, I can guarantee you that!!