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Chasing Light Workshop

Outdoor Lighting & Posing


"Cloudy days are the best days for portrait photographs."

I've heard this misconception said so many times, especially when helping brides feel better about inclement weather on her wedding day.  The truth is, cloudy weather is not conducive to the best portraits - not even close.  What cloudy days are is SAFE.

Sunlight brings its own sets of challenges, and professional wedding photographers must learn how to work with angles and elements in their natural environment, and being precise about how to align their subjects.  

But when a photographer knows how to do this, sunny days don't just make for good portraits - they can make the most MAGICAL portraits ever!  When you know how to photograph at magic hour, you'll have the best light every time!

In our time together, we are going to go over the principles of light, and I am going to show you how to use natural sunlight and outdoor elements to create the most stunning light possible for your clients.  

Then, we're going to learn how to POSE your clients so they feel comfortable with you!  We're going to discuss language and how to speak to your clients and give direction, how to maximize any given pose, and how to achieve natural poses with real emotion!

And what's even more awesome?  You are going to practice, live - on a real couple, at sunset.

Are you ready?!  It's time to rock your lighting and posing this year!




•6:00 PM Chasing Light and Choosing Outdoor Locations

- Open Shade, Full Sun, & Cloudy Locations

- Theory of light and selecting the best angles

•6:45 PM Posing Your Clients (with a live bride & groom model!)

- How to use Language & give Direction

- How to maximize any given pose

- How to incorporate authenticity and achieve natural emotions!


•7:30 PM Practice Lighting & Posing with Models

What's Included

• Live teaching curriculum with Kerri Lynne
• Styled Shoot with Bride & Groom Models
•Posing demonstration and practice with Kerri Lynne


Location & Time



**IMPORTANT: This course is subject to changes in weather and may need to be rescheduled.**

Be ready to learn, bring a notebook and pen, iPad or device to take notes!  Also, bring your camera body (with charged batteries and clean memory card), a 50 mm lens, or an 85 mm lens - whatever lenses you use for portraits!


I'll teach you to make stunning images using locations, angles, and posing!


Your Experience

You will have instructional teaching from Kerri Lynne so you will understand how the principles of light work in an outdoor setting.  We will discuss lighting and location, and then learn posing with our live bride and groom model!  You will be able to practice the lighting and posing that you learn, and take gorgeous styled photos of the couple yourself!


Your Investment

Learning is an experience and the BEST investment you can make into yourself!  When I first started out in business, I realized quickly that it wasn't just my marketing that was going to propel my business.  But investing in MYSELF so that I can learn skills that will give my clients a more valuable experience.  Gaining confidence with your camera, its settings, and how to light difficult situations will help your clients relax more, trust you more, and RAVE about what you did for them.  And, bonus - as you learn to master lighting, your services will naturally become more VALUABLE.


$149 / per person