Outdoor Lighting & Posing

Sunday, SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

5:00-7:00 PM

Lorenzo State Historic Site, Cazenovia, New York

(rain date AND NEW TIME FROM OUR PREVIOUS 8/19/19)




That first moment after your couple is positioned in the environment where you can envision these beautiful photographs. But before your first direction or your first “click,” they look at you as if to ask “Now what?” The moments that happen from there are up to you.

As a photographer, you are an important part of the creative process. You are a piece of the equation that you can’t, and shouldn’t take out.

There is no magic formula to create “natural” imagery outside a system of posing. Posing is simply a systematic approach that allows for a structure through which natural images occur. It’s a system that I want to teach to you, so YOU can create natural and authentic imagery.

If you’re a photographer needing a little more structure in your posing, prompts to give your clients, and creative poses to use…THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

In this workshop, we will cover:

* Posing & Practice with a Real Couple (Couple Posing)

  • Posing & Practice with a Real Couple and their Baby (Family Posing)

  • Using Natural Light and Chasing Light at Sunset


4:30-5:30 PM FREE HEADSHOTS by Kerri for all students (up to 15 min slot per student)

5:30-6:30 PM Introduction to Posing and Practice with Real Couple

6:30-7:00 PM Practice with Real Couple + Baby

7:00-7:30 PM Chasing Light & Posing with Couple at Sunset

You’ll learn to create images like THESE!



It’s important to learn hands on with your instructor, Kerri Lynne, along with other photographers. Learning in community is helpful, as it aids in building confidence among your peers, along with giving you opportunities to learn from one another.

Your real models are a real couple and their baby who will exhibit real emotions and genuine connection, hand picked by Kerri Lynne to give you a wonderful experience!

The session will be stylized just like an engagement session, and you will walk away from this workshop with content you can use IMMEDIATELY on social media to promote you and your business!


It is so important to invest in your own education as a photographer. The investment you make in yourself will yield immediate results in the images you create, elevating your worth and value to your clients as well as improving your confidence. Investing in yourself always gives back to you in return!